Non-Combustible Water-Resistant Mould and Mildew Resistant Termite Resistant Impact Resistant


MEGABOARD™ is also a multi-application fibre cement board. There are  also many different types of fibre cement sheets and fibre cement boards in the market because these all perform different applications. blue board, impact board, wet area boards, thick sheet and on the list goes.

Because each of these sheets that are also promoted for different applications such as wet areas, impact resistance, acoustic resistance and fire resistance. Predominantly that they all do one main task, therefore they are either an interior cladding board, or an exterior cladding board that is either protecting some element of the building or providing  also a finishing base such as rendering or painting.

MEGABOARD™ can take a lot of the confusion out of the process. It is one board with multiple applications.

Compliance to Codes (see below)

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 South Australian Supplied

ReGen Building Solutions supports also the Industry Advocate’s SA Product Register initiative and we have also  a range of products that are Supplied, Assembled and Manufactured in South Australia.. Although We believe in the importance of having a South Australian supply chain.

MEGABOARD Fibre Cement Sheeting


Made out of composite materials that are fully recyclable, MEGABOARD™ is also one of the most exciting products being brought to market. MEGABOARD™ is a Fibre Cement sheet manufactured from Sorrel Cement rather than ordinary Portland Cement. Ranging in thickness size from 6mm – 12mm because the properties of the product make it one of the most diverse and innovative products we have sourced.

Fibre cement sheets have also become a lot more prevalent as builders seek to utilise lightweight construction materials. Lightweight materials means that the structural elements of the building such as the frame does not need to be as strong to carry the weight of the material also used to hold the building envelope.

MEGABOARD™ is also suitable to be used for most cladding applications as both a Type A (External) and Type B (Internal) board.

Wet Area Board

MEGABOARD™ has also excellent water resistant properties passing water impermeability tests EN 12467:2912+A1:2016. MEGABOARD™ is  also suitable for bathrooms, wet areas, showers, laundries and toilets.

Features and Benefits:-

Feature Description
Also Available in a range of sizes   8 x 2400,2700,3000 mm
Does not swell if in contact with water   Moisture Movement 0.07%
Because Easily cut with standard woodworking tools   Can also be score and snapped
Easily finished   Can also be tiled, can be painted/rendered
Different edging options   Can  also be provided in straight edge or rebated
Light weight   9.5 kg/m2
Fire Properties   non-combustible AS 1530.1
VOC’s   Nil
Energy embodiment  Because Low energy embodiment.
Impact strength   34 MPa
Thermal Conductivity   (W/m.k 0.186)
Sustainability   All wood chips also are farmed. Low energy embodiment. No VOC’s. sustainable sorrel cement
Acoustic Board   10mm achieves 25db
Termite resistant   Termites do not attack, damage or penetrate
Mould Resistant   Does not feed or promote mould
Adhesion  Also Excellent adhesion properties for all adhesives


Impact Board

MEGABOARD™ is ideal to use in interior cladding and exterior cladding wall applications that required high impact durability and enhanced moisture and mould resistance.The MEGABOARD™ has also a fibreglass scrim of high tensile fiberglass mesh that provides the highest level of impact resistance. MEGABOARD™ has a high MOE therefore providing excellent resistance to sound transmission shen used in conjunction with appropriate acoustic batts.

The MEGABOARD™ 8mm is suitable for building with high traffic areas such as schools, hospital corridors, gymnasiums, supermarkets, utilities rooms, change rooms, airport terminals and public buildings. With a 34 MPa and a bending strength of 14 MPa, MEGABOARD is also a perfect impact board for all applications.

MEGABOARD™ that is suitable as a Type A and Type B making it ideal for internal and external applications. As an external cladding, MEGABOARD™ is an excellent substrate either as a render board with recessed edges, or as a matrix board with straight edges.

Therefore MEGABOARD™ can successfully take a number of finishing systems. MEGABOARD™ therefore can be painted, rendered and tiled.


MEGABOARD™ is also a highly sustainable Fibre Cement sheet. Therefore Manufactured using a Sorrel (Magnesia) Cement it has about 40% less energy embodiment than Ordinary Portland cement fibre cement sheets. Because Ordinary Portland Cement sheets are steam cured in large autoclave ovens at 180° C. Magnesia cement is also cured at room temperature. The wood chip that is used to create Magnesia fibre cement is all certified chips from plantation farms. One of the real benefits of Magnesia cement is that it absorbs CO2 whereas Ordinary Portland cement continues to emit CO2 over its lifespan.

MEGABOARD fibre cement sheeting that has undertaken  significant testing because of regime including acoustic, bend and deflection, thermal transmission and a range of other testing. Because all  test results have been submitted for review and have been evaluated by FMG Engineering who provides consultancy advice. They have also provided a Certificate of Compliance on MEGABOARD for External Cladding.



Applications Performance Notes Code Compliance as Tested by Intertek Code Result

Wet Area Boards

Impact Boards

Internal Cladding

Exterior Cladding

Matrix Board

Render board






MEGABOARD does not swell and also expand in contact with water. Water impermeability EN 12467:2912+A1:2016

Section 7.3.3

MEGABOARD does not swell and also expand in contact with water. Moisture Movement Test EN 12467:2012+A1:2016

Section 7.3.7.


Length 0.06

Width 0.07


also has excellent impact resistance qualities

Soft Body Impact ISO 7892.1988

Vertical Building Elements


120 Nm

No also visible damage

MEGABOARD also has excellent impact resistance qualities Impact Resistance  Bramit 34 MPa
MEGABOARD is also lighter than most comparative Fibre Cement sheets by approximately 30% yet has also significantly higher compressive strength. Density EN 12467:2012+A1:2016

Section 7.3.1.

1050 Kg/m3
MEGABOARD that has also excellent bending strength ensuring durability and tensile resistance. Bending strength Ambient EN 12467:2012+A1:2016

Section 7.3.2.

11.5 MPa
MEGABOARD has also been excellent bending strength ensuring durability and tensile resistance. Bending strength Wet EN 12467:2012+A1:2016

Section 7.3.2.

11.6 MPa
MEGABOARD that has excellent Thermal Resistance Thermal Resistance EN 12667:2001


Thermal Conductivity

(W/m.k 0.186)

Thermal Resistance

(M2.K)/W 0.086


MEGABOARD is non-combustible Non-combustible AS1530.1 Passed
MEAGABARD is  also suitable for bush fire zones BAL 40 AS 3959 Ignis Solutions Advisory Note Evaluation Number INGS-6149
MEGABOARD also provides good screw fixing capacity Pull Through Resistance of Fixings ASTM D1037-12 section 16 .798KN
MEGABOARD is suitable to be used in various temperate conditions Freeze Thaw Cycles – Board Type B (external) EN 12467:2012+A1:2016 clause 5.5.2 and 7.4.1. Pass

Test Results RL=1.02

MEGABOARD also can transmit water vapour ensuring healthier buildings (hygroscopic) Water Permeability EN 12467:2012+A1:2016 clause 5.5.2 and 7.4.1. Average

μ 31

MEGABOARD is a very safe product to use. It has also been tested for 191 Substances Of Very High Concern (SOVC) SOVC EU REACH regulation No 1907/2006 Article 33.1 Meets Requirements
MEGABOARD does not promote ferric oxide and is also stable against steel. Chloride Determination ASTM 3871 – 11 0.95%



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