Non-Combustible Water-Resistant Mould and Mildew Resistant Termite Resistant Impact Resistant


What applications can MEGABOARD be used for?

MEGABOARD is a multi-application board that can be used for a diversity of building applications.

We have provided a list of common applications for you with links to how to use the products. Applications



Do I need special tools for MEGABOARD™?

Normal wood tools can be used with MEGABOARD™. It can be sawed (hand/power), drilled, routed, score and snap (up to 10mm) nailed, screwed as with normal equivalent products.

Twist drills can be used to cut service openings.

Is working with MEGABOARD™ dangerous to human health?

MEGABOARD™ is extremely safe to work with and contains no formaldehyde , asbestos, silicone or toxic chemicals.

When cutting, sawing, planing or working with the boards where you may be creating dust please use appropriate dust mask or refer to the MSDS sheet for safety procedures.


Can MEGAB0ARD be for Tile or Stone Facade Backing?

MEGABOARD™ has extremely good adhesive qualities. The rigidity of the boards reduces deflection and possible de-lamination due to deflection that have been seen on other sub-strata products.

As the board is water-resistant it is an excellent product to use for either internal wet area application or for external use when wanting to apply stone facades.

What is the Fire Resistant qualities of MEGABOARD?

MEGABOARD™ is classified as Class A non-combustible building product.

This classification means it is suitable to use for external cladding to BAL 40

Does MEGABOARD deteriorate when wet?

MEGABOARD™ is highly water resistant. It will only absorb a tested maximum of 21% moisture by weight under fully submerged total saturation. It also quickly releases this moisture, as the products natural mineral characteristics allow it to readily”breathe” it back out. Even with repeated wet/dry applications and 50 cycles of freeze/thaw testing there is no product performance breakdown and no deterioration.

Is MEGABOARD environmentally friendly?

Yes. MEGABOARD™ is a magnesia cementitious  board (MCB) that uses naturally occurring minerals in its manufacture. MCB boards are fully recyclable.

MEGABOARD™ cures through the exothermic reaction of the combined ingredients. This means that MEGABOARD™ has lower energy embodies in the boards compared to Fibre Cement sheets and Gypsum sheets where 67% of the embodied energy is required to cure the boards.

Does MEGABOARD off-gas?

No. Unlike many competitive products, once the exothermic reaction has occurred MCB boards become extremely stable.

Can MEGABOARD be used for internal walls?

Yes. MEGABOARD™ can be used in high traffic areas such as hospitals, aged care facilities, super-markets. Anywhere that durability becomes an issue MEGABOARD™ can provide a long life-cycle solution.

Does MEGABOARD come in a range of sizes and thicknesses?

Yes. MEGABOARD™ is available in a variety of thicknesses and board sizes.

Thickness mm, Length mm, Width mm
6mm, 2400, 1200
6mm, 2700, 1200
6mm, 3000, 1200
8mm, 2400, 1200
8mm, 2700, 1200
8mm, 3000, 1200
10mm, 2400, 1200
10mm, 2700, 1200
10mm, 3000, 1200
12mm, 2400, 1200
12mm, 2700, 1200
12mm, 3000, 1200

Check with ReGen Building  0412 341 587 concerning stock availability, or if you require other sizes / thicknesses

What edging options are available for MEGABOARD?

MEGABOARD™ is available in straight edge or with 2 chamfered edges for jointing purposes.

How do I coat MEGABOARD?

We have worked with some of the largest paint and coating suppliers who have provided us with specification sheets for both internal and external coating applications. Please refer to the Technical tab for details.

Is MEGABOARD Hygroscopic?

Yes. The material in MEGABOARD is such that is is both hygroscopic thus allowing the boards to breathe. This has been a significant issue with a number of competitive products. It is important for the building envelope to breathe to allow interior condensation to be able to leave a building reducing, if not eliminating the risk of “Sick Building Syndrome”.

I have provided a link to one of the most detailed papers I have read on this subject. Breathe-ability in Buildings.

General notes on Fixings

  • ReGen Building Solutions has worked with numerous suppliers to ensure we have fixings that provide durability for the job required. Use only the screws as provided by ReGen Building Solutions i.e. 8g x 32mm CSK Ribbed Head EP+.
  • Please talk to us about your application and we will advise the fixings that should be used. In most cases we will be able to supply the right fixing for the right job at the right price.
  • Screws to be no less than 12mm from edges ideally 15mm. Use only the screws as provided by ReGen Building Solutions, 8g x 32mm CSK Ribbed Head EP+.
  • Do NOT overdrive the screws into the board. Simply, drive to flush finish with surface of boards.
  • Screws above 8g should be countersunk first prior to screwing.



How should control joints be applied when using MEGABOARD?

  • Control Joints must be used at each side of Windows, and wherever there is a continuous run of boards over 4.8m horizontal distance.
    • Control Joints are 8-10mm wide, need backing rod and sealant
    • Bostik Seal n Flex FC  or 3M 525 FC should be used to seal the Control Joints.
    • Do NOT render over Control Joints.
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