Non-Combustible Water-Resistant Mould and Mildew Resistant Termite Resistant Impact Resistant


Goolwa House South Australia using 8mm MEGABOARD

Goolwa South Australia 8mm MEGABOARD Matrix and rendered

MEGABOARD 8mm fibre Cement sheet provided a sharp clean look for this build

Fibre Cement sheets, megaboard, Sheeting, boards

8mm MEGABOARD Matrix providing a straight wall finish

8mm MEGABOARD used as a render board providing differing architectural finishes

MEGABOARD 8mm ensured a clean and sharp finish on this architecturally designed house

Internal wall renovation Matrix 12mm Darlington SA

The owner wanted to shield this retaining wall and provide a cleaner finish. 12mm MEGABOARD was used on this project to completely transform it.

Once the framing was installed, 12mm MEGABOARD was added in a brick pattern

The concrete ramp was also framed over to ensure a continuity of application

The ramp was finished MEGABOARD 12mm painted black to provide a sharp contrast with the cream painted board and black mastic.

The finished project was an excellent example of a successful renovation using MEGABOARD

Elysium Prospect SA 12mm MEGABOARD over Zego ICF

Elysium on Prospect Rd, Prospect was the first Class 2 multi-story approved under the new re-zoning laws. The walls were built with ZEGO ICF and then cladded with MEGABOARD 12mm fibre cement sheet

Once erected all the walls and balconies were clad with MEGABOARD

Once cladded, all wall and balconies were finished with a mixture of paint and render finish

The final finish was a clean, attractive and durable finish

Window re-modelling

This homeowner wanted to remodel these old window reveals from the 1960’s and provide a more modern look

After installing new windows, MEGABOARD 12mm Matrix board was installed to provide depth of profile and modern finish.

The addition of MEGABOARD Matrix really lifted the front window facade


Cumberland Park SA 12mm MEGABOARD External Cladding addition soffits and columns

The extension was built by M Building Solutions. 8mm MEGABOARD was used for all eaves and soffits

MEGABOARD was used to box out all the columns and provided a wonderful canvass for the painted finish

MEGABOARD can easily handle large holes being cut out for downlights and post-sets

Rivergum Homes in conjunction with Urban Renewal – Full house cladding using MEGABOARD and StructaClad Lite

StructaClad and MEGABOARD being used on these houses commissioned by Urban Renewal and built by RiverGum Homes

MEGABOARD was used on the front side of the house that did not receive much sun whilst the back part of the house (the main living area) was cladded in StructaClad Light providing excellent thermal and acoustic benefits.

MEGABOARD fibre cement sheeting provided a very straight wall providing a good canvass for the finishers.

M Building Solutions who were the installers for this project believe that they can finish cladding a house with MEGABOARD and StructaClad Lite in 3 days.


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