• Sacrificial Formwork

    The National Construction Code requires that Torrens Title developments have a separation between slabs. This is more costly than traditional pours as crews must come over multiple days to do the pour.
    One of South Australia's leading contractors has realised the benefits of MEGABOARD to reduce these costs. See the Case Study to see how to reduce pour costs.

Non-Combustible Water-Resistant Mould and Mildew Resistant Termite Resistant Impact Resistant

Sacrificial formwork

Innovative Solutions to Lost Form-work

ReGen Building Solutions introduces MEGABOARD™ for lost form-work.

Requirements in the National Construction Code requires Torrens Titles developments to have separated slabs on a multi-tenancy site where the residences are within .900 of a metre of each other.

Concrete contractors are required to provide a separation break between the slabs when pouring a multi-tenancy group of residencies on a Torrens Title. This has required the setting of form work and steel work on every second dwellings and pouring them and then the next day coming back putting the steelwork on placing the separation break and then pouring again. If there were 4 continuous slabs, slab 1 and slab 3 would be poured on one day and slabs 2 and 4 poured the subsequent days and 2 pours were required to maintain the straightness of the separation line between titles.

MEGABOARD™ is a structural engineered Magnesia Cement Board (MCB) with features that provide cost cutting solutions to builders and contractors.

UDL Testing at University of South Australia

UDL Testing at University of South Australia

Features of MEGABOARD™

  • Excellent load capabilities. 8mm MEGABOARD™ will not deflect with even distribution of concrete
  • Water-resistant. Unlike many other boards, MEGABOARD™ will not soften in contact with concrete
  • lightweight. MEGABOARD is easily carried and placed in situ
  • Score and snap. MEGABOARD is easily cut on-site with standard score and snap.
  • Termite resistant. MEGABOARD will not be attacked by termites providing a termite barrier
Download brochure here Case Study on Sacrificial Form work
Traditional Method Using MEGABOARD™
Using traditional form-work on every second title to maintain a straight line on each block No form-work is required and MEGABOARD™ is placed in situ creating the separation break.
Steel fixing is done on the blocks being poured with steel fixers having to come back to complete for the next pours All steel fixing can be done for the entire job reducing total labour costs.
Concrete pours were done over multiple days Pours completed in one day.
Traffic management is required over multiple days Traffic management is needed only on the day of the pour.
High risk of labour and scheduling bow outs due to inclement weather minimum risk of weather interrupting due to single pour operations.
Extra labour to place and remove standard form work MEGABOARD™ is place in situ on the day of the pour.
Extra wear of form work boards standard form work is not required.

Thickness mm Length mm width mm Weight pc/kg Pc per/pallet L/ mtrs Weight pallet/ton
8mm 2400 1200 23.2 90 216 2.08
8mm 2700 1200 27.6 90 243 3.1
8mm 3000 1200 33 90 270 2.9
4mm 2400 .600 6.75 450 1080 3
4mm 2400 1200 13.5 225 540 3


  • MEGABOARD is light-weight
    MEGABOARD is light-weight
  • All Steel work is done in one day and boards placed
    All Steel work is done in one day and boards placed
  • Boom pump rather than line pump is used
    Boom pump rather than line pump is used
  • Pour is completed in one day
    Pour is completed in one day
  • board remnants are kicked of for clean surface
    board remnants are kicked of for clean surface



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