• Residential

    Your Floor is one of the most important elements of your property. It creates the feel and warmth of the house. ReGen has designed 2 flooring substrates that provide a solid base for your flooring allowing you to add most decorative finishes with ease. XL-Floor aflooring system with embedded insulatation, and DekFloor for wet areas and external applications.

  • Residential

    Xl-Floor is ideal for housing built on piles or piers. The use of piles reduces significant costs normally associates with slabs. This is ideal when building on a slope. To do cut-outs on a hilly property can be very expensive. Other benefits when building on piles is access to services, air flow, minimising costs when plumbing needs to be repaired and minimising house cracking due to soil movement.

  • Themal Advantages

    XL-Floor has been designed as a Thermally Efficient Flooring system. With 12mm MEGABOARD skins on either side and 51mm of EPS in the core, XL-Floor provides a strong, solid floor with excelent thermal properties for both summer and winter.
    XL-Floor boasts an R(2K/W) of 2.6 in Winter and R(2K/W) of 2.4 in Summer with a DELTA 6 and 12 respectively.

  • Second Story Additions

    When building a multi-story house or adding a second story addition, there are a number of considerations for building in partiular the flooring. Cost, weight, ease of build and thermal insulation are all key features. XL-Floor is significantly more affordable than concrete, is easy to install (dones not need to be joined on-joist) and is thermally better for your home.

  • Can be finished with most decorative finishes carpet, tile, floating floorboards, and linoneum.

    XL-Floor is an excellent substrate for any decorative finish. When built it is solid and does not bounce, is a flat finish and can be tiled, have carpet laid, is suitable for wooden floors and linoneum.

Non-Combustible Water-Resistant Mould and Mildew Resistant Termite Resistant Impact Resistant

South Australian Manufactured, Assembled and Supplied

ReGen Building Solutions supports the Industry Advocate’s SA Product Register initiative and we have a range of products that are Supplied, Assembled and Manufactured in South Australia.. We believe in the importance of having a South Australian supply chain.

Substrate Flooring Systems

ReGen Building Solutions has introduced two substrate flooring systems that can be used individually or together on a project, DekFloor and XL-Floor. The fact is that substrate flooring is often overlooked and not well understood by homeowners.There are many different types of flooring substrate. including concrete, particle board, compressed fiber cement sheet and Aerated Concrete Cement (ACC), Hebel PowerFloor,  and Insulfloor to name a few.

Particleboard, unless treated, this substrate can also be affected by water and termites. Concrete is expensive and compressed fiber cement sheets are very heavy increasing the cost of construction. Aerated Concrete Cement  (AAC) is fragile, not water resistant and  the surface is uneven, which requires additional work and cost prior to the final covering  can be installed.

ReGen Building Solutions believes it has the alternative solutions that overcome the deficiencies in traditional materials.

XL-Floor insulated substrate flooring

XL-Floor is a 75mm insulated flooring system providing excellent thermal properties for the home. Perfect for houses built on piers, second story additions, transportable, and granny flats and the list goes on.

Manufactured in South Australia with two 10mm skins of Sorrel Cement Board (MEGABOARD) on each side of 55mm of EPS, providing numerous features including:

  • High R-Values for thermal insulation
  • Reduces sound transmission
  • Can install off joist up to spans of 600mm centres, providing easier installation with less waste
  • Has a solid floor feel without bounce
  • Can be installed without having to join on the joist
  • Provides a solid floor
  • Provides a flat surface finish
  • Most flooring coverings / finishes can be easily applied
  • Is termite resistant
  • Is water resistant
  • Does not promote mould or mildew
  • Used with DekFloor reduces the requirement for joist set downs in wet areas.
  • Manufactured in Australia.


Insulated flooring solutions


DekFloor Substrate Flooring

DekFloor is a 20mm substrate. That is also an alternative to normal Fibre Cement Sheeting products. Such as Compressed Fibre Cement Sheeting (CFC) or branded products, such as Scyon.

Manufactured using Sorrel Cement (MegaBoard), DekFloor has numerous features  as a result including:

  • Extremely high compressive strength,
  • Low energy embodiment,
  • Termite proof,
  • Water resistant,
  • Mold resistant
  • Lightweight  also compared to CFC
  • Has tongue and groove on all 4 sides
  • Use in conjunction with XL-Floor as a step-down.So, because studs do not need to be at different levels when building.
  • All surface finishes can  also apply easily including tiling, linoleum, floating floorboards, and carpet.
  • Manufactured in Australia


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