Non-Combustible Water-Resistant Mould and Mildew Resistant Termite Resistant Impact Resistant

StructaClad Installers

Having good installers is as important as having a good product. It is not unusual to see good quality building materials being turned into a building disaster by not ensuring the installers are competent with installing a product. Whilst the picture below is a bit extreme, it does demonstrate what can happen if you do not have someone who has the skills and experience and a bit of common sense.

Stairway to Heaven or Stairway to Hell


StructaClad should be able to be installed by most builders or those that have a building license endorsing them to do Cladding. We have listed a number of people who have the appropriate endorsements on their building license and are familiar with our products in case an installer is required.

If you have chosen a builder who will do the installation and they have any questions about installation, they should firstly look at the technical manual located on the bottom of the StructaClad Page StructaClad.

M Building Solutions – Marco Storino 0435 408 243

Adelaide Region

Glen Bowden Building Solutions – Glen Bowden  0417 890 027

Adelaide Region

DM Cladding Solutions – Stel 0411 170 090

South Australia

DNA Carpentry & Building Services – Danny Hackett 0413 094 355

South Australia – Yorke & Mid North

Mid North Building Services – Scott Carlin 0438 654 827

South Australia – Yorke & Mid North

OJ Harris Constructions – Owen 0412 789 854

Adelaide Region

Unique Walls – Timos 0406 546 259

Adelaide Region

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