Non-Combustible Water-Resistant Mould and Mildew Resistant Termite Resistant Impact Resistant

StructaClad Installers

Having good installers is as important as having a good product. It is not unusual to see good quality building materials being turned into a building disaster by not ensuring the installers are competent with installing a product. Whilst the picture below is a bit extreme, it does demonstrate what can happen if you do not have someone who has the skills and experience and a bit of common sense.

Stairway to Heaven or Stairway to Hell


StructaClad should be able to be installed by most builders or those that have a building license endorsing them to do Cladding. We have listed a number of people who have the appropriate endorsements on their building license and are familiar with our products in case an installer is required.

If you have chosen a builder who will do the installation and they have any questions about installation, they should firstly look at the technical manual located on the bottom of the StructaClad Page StructaClad.

Adelaide and South Australia

Glen Bowden Building Solutions – Glen Bowden , Licensed Builder 0417 890 027

Mark Beacham , Licensed Builder 0408 838 576