Non-Combustible Water-Resistant Mould and Mildew Resistant Termite Resistant Impact Resistant

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SIP’s are a highly versatile product that have incredible strength allowing them to be used in a diversity of applications. The pictures below provide some examples of the various applications they have been used in.


Rostrevor Duplex – Installed by M Building Solutions

Structural Insulated Panels

2 story Duplex in Rostrevor built by BILT

Working to install Structural Insulated Panels

StructaClad Lite and XL-Floor were used for the upper envelope

Working to install Structural Insulated Panels

StuctaClad Lite Panels were installed over 3 days

This image shows installed Structural Insulated Panels

The finished upper floor was insulated as well in addition to StructaClad Lite and achieved an R4.9 winter and R 4.5 Summer

Residential Gawler

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Balhannah – Constructed by Vy Constructions

StructaClad the Thermal Wrap used on this project in Balhannah Built by John Vy. These photos are pre-render.

John Vy of Vyden Construction found the installation much quicker than comparative materials

StructaClad Lite was approved for BAL 29

John Vy added insulation to the wall cavity to provide an overall R Value of R5 for his walls

Balhannah Built by David Hackett of Adelaide Home Improvements

Built by Adelaide Home Improvements, David Hackett chose StructaClad for his spec home due to the Insulation values, ease of construction and cost of Structaclad

The use of StructaClad with the added wall insulation has provided this house with an R5 in Summer. (Before)


The strength of the panels provided easy fitting of the system (Before)


Once the panels are fitted the walls are perfectly straight (Before)


Perfectly flat lines and most renderer’s find they use significantly less render than with other products.

The strength of the panels allows StructaClad to easily be worked for tight cuts without breaking the panels. (Before)




Bugle Range – Built by Claridge Constructions

This beautifully presented house built by Claridge Construction was built with a high energy rating in mind.

With StructaClad Lite as the substrate and all windows and doors double glaze and extra wall insulation, the owners of this home will not have to worry about their power bills.

StructaClad was easily finished with weather board providing a rural feel to this highly energy efficient home

The weight of the panels made it easy for workers to manually handle

The system was direct stuck to OSB brace board rather than Rondo on this job. Biscuits jointing provides for a highly crack resistant system

Panels are easily shaped for corners on-site.

Panels were easily fitted by trades on-site making a quick installation

AAA Construction – Enfield

Rendering on this project was extremely easy due to the flatness and finish of the boards

StructaClad Lite was chosen by AAA Construction for this project due to the weight and thermal advantages of StructaClad

Speed of construction was important for this project

The top floor was done in half the time of the ground floor that was done in Hebel

The final finish it was impossible to tell which product was Hebel and which was StructaClad Lite until you went inside and felt the thermal advantage

Clare – Mid North Building Services

Built in Clare by Mid North Building Services, the owners wanted to ensure they had a thermally efficient home due to the extremes of weather conditions from very hot to very cold. StructaClad 100mm thick walling was the solutions they decided on.

This massive residential residential in Clare needed a thermal wrap to maintain a constant house temperature. 100mm StructaClad panels were used on this house that has a R6 value for the walls

Rendering on this project was easy according to the renderer who liked the way he did not have to build the render up.

All columns were made out of StructaClad

The project is expected to be completed well before the programmed completion schedule.

4 houses Blair Athol built by RiverGum and installed by M Building Solutions

These four houses have been commissioned by Urban Renewal, are being built by RiverGum and the products installed by M Building Solutions.

12mm MEGABOARD is being used as the cladding on the front of the house and StructaClad Lite is being used on the main living area

The houses have been clad in 3 days

Panels are easily joined when panel height is over 3mts

Glen Bowden – Enfield

Built by Glen Bowden Building Solutions in Enfield, his client wanted this extension to his house to live in while he rented the rest of the house. One of the primary considerations was the thermal envelope. The client wanted to be protected from the on-going price rises in power, so Glen Chose to use StructaClad to not only insulate the house but insulate his client from ever increasing power costs.

75mm StructaClad was used in this project in conjunction with XL-Floor for the insulated flooring solution.

XL-Floor used in this project to provide a full thermal wrap for floor and wall. The use of Piers on this project made XL-Floor the best flooring solution.


Beck Street Fence SA

Beck Street Fence SA SIPs

This Fence in Beck Street was built using 75mm SIPS

Beck Street Fence SA SIPs

The Masonry style fence was extremely solid with the MEGABOARD skins on both sides and provided a great canvass for the render.


Goolwa Pool Privacy Fence

Goolwa Pool Privacy Fence SIPs

This house in Goolwa wanted a privacy fence for their pool that was raised significantly higher than the property next door. ReGen SIPs were the chosen material to build from.

Goolwa Pool Privacy Fence SIPs

The fence was built 1800 high from the decking. Panels were 3000 x 1200 with one panel cut in half and joined to create the required 1800 height.

Goolwa Pool Privacy Fence SIPs

The privacy fence was rendered and finished providing an enclosed privacy area that enhanced the aesthetics of the pool area.

Goolwa Pool Privacy Fence SIPs

This project provided the owners with a space that was protected and gave them privacy

Masonry Style Fence Prospect

Masonry Style Fence Prospect SIPs

This historic house in Prospect needed a solid fence to provide privacy and an acoustic barrier

Masonry Style Fence Prospect SIPs

ReGen Building manufactured 50mm thick panels for this project

Masonry Style Fence Prospect SIPs

Panels were cut down to create the columns

Masonry Style Fence Prospect SIPs

Wall capping was added to provide an aesthetic finish.

Masonry Style Fence Prospect SIPs

The 50mm panels with MEGABOARD skins provided an excelling surface to be able to run cabling, security services and install the letter box

Unique applications for SIPS manufactured by ReGen Building Solutions

Architectural Featured Signage

Structural Insulated Panels

This project was one of the most unusual applications we have had for panels. Originally to be manufactured from concrete, the builder decided to use ReGen SIP panels.

Structural Insulated Panels

The finished project provided a solid and durable entry for those visiting Seaford heights in South Australia

Pool Feature and amenities room made from SIPS


Pool Feature and amenities room made from SIPS

The enormous feature was built in Adelaide by SIP panels provided by regen Building Solutions. Panels were 75mm with 2 skins of MEGABOARD on each side

Pool Feature and amenities room made from SIPS

The pump room was constructed at the back. The water resistant nature of the SIP panels were the ideal substrate for this project

Pool Feature and amenities room made from SIPS

The completed project provided a stylish durable finish


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