MEGABOARD 6 - 12mm cladding boards
Non-Combustible Water-Resistant Mould and Mildew Resistant Termite Resistant Impact Resistant

MEGABOARD™6 – 12mm cladding boards

  MEGABOARD™ is the generic term  that we apply to our range of cladding boards that are multi-purpose with wide ranging applications. So MEGABOARD™ is a cementitious board manufactured to exact performance standards and has been evaluated by third party assessment. So Applications that have been carefully examined and bench-marked against the requirements of the National Building Code. Where there is compliance to standards, performance criteria have been evaluated and verified by third party endorsement.

Therefore  MEGABOARD™ can be used for multiple applications: –

  • Cladding board external 8mm
  • Cladding board internal 8mm
  • Flooring substrate 20mm
  • Wet areas 8mm
  • Shed lining 8mm
  • Soffits and Eaves 6mm
  • Fencing 12mm
  • Tile backer 6mm
  • Stone facade substrate 12mm

Manufactured using Sorrel Cement rather than Portland Cement, MEGABOARD™ has some significant advantages over its competitors. The manufacturing process used to manufacture Sorrel Cement boards is significantly different than traditional Portland Cement boards. Traditional boards so require being cured at high temperatures which increases the embedded energy in the boards. Sorrel Cement boards are cured at room temperature. Because The difference in the embodied energy is significant. Sorrel Cement boards  also have extremely high compressive strength, are fully recyclable, do not contain or release VOC’s. Have low embodied energy and absorb\ C02 making MEGABOARD™ one of the most environmentally responsible products on the market.


ReGen Building Solutions also has invested significantly in research, testing and R&D to ensure that it performs to the highest standards.Therefore We understand that the facade of your home is critical to the aesthetics and provides the substrate for the final finish.

All substrates  need a coating system that protects, enhances and provides excellent aesthetics for the purpose it is also being used. ReGen Building Solutions that have researched out the best coating products with suppliers for internal and external applications. Wattyl/Solver/Granolite have provided both an internal and external specification and have tested MEGABOARD at their laboratory. Because the results were excellent providing a custom specification for both internal and external usage MEGABOARD™ Technical.

Coating applications notes:

Before building any structure it is important to understand how you would like it to look at the end. It is for this reason ReGen Building Solutions has sought specifications from some of the most well known suppliers of render/texture and painting products in the Australian market.

Exterior Cladding

It is important if coating any substrate that the boards have also been installed appropriately in accordance with the build system External Cladding and that paint and render/texture specification sheets are followed. Wattle Granosite has 664% elasticity. This means it has the capacity to bridge cracking that may become apparent due to building movement. Wattles GranoSkin Membrane elastomeric  elongation is 768%. Consider the soil that you are on and consider the potential for building movement. So A well applied system will protect the substrate, reduce risk of water damage and maintain the aesthetics of the building.

The link below is the link to their color charts which will give you a some appreciation of the range although we recommend that you visit their show rooms conveniently located throughout Australia or their distributors. Wattle Store LocatorSolver Color Designer.

For specifications on internal and external coating please go to Technical or follow this link.  MEGABOARD™ Technical

Please click on the Applications below for more information.

Thickness mm Application Performance Standard Description
6 Eaves Lining AS 2908.2:2000 Cellulose Cement Products Part 2 Flat Sheets – Type A
AS 3959 :2009 Construction of buildings in Bushfire prone areas
EN13501-1-2007 Non-combustibility and caloric value Class A1
ASTM D3273-00 Mould Resistance
8 Sacrificial formwork AS 2908.2:2000 Cellulose Cement Products Part 2 Flat Sheets – Type A
8 – 12 External Cladding AS 2908.2:2000 Cellulose Cement Products Part 2 Flat Sheets – Type A
AS 1170.1:2002 Structural Design Actions Part 1: Permanent imposed and other actions
AS 1170.2:2002 Structural Design Actions Part 2: Wind actions
NCC Specification C.8 when used in conjunction with design tables
AS 3959 :2009 Construction of buildings in Bushfire prone areas
EN 1350.1-1:2007: Non-combusibility and and calorific value. “Class A1
ASTM D3273-00 Mould Resistance
20 Flooring Systems AS 1170.0 – 2002 Structural Design Actions – General Principles
AS ISO 9239 Reaction to Fire Testing for Flooring Part 1.
AS 1170.1 – 2002 Structural Design Actions – Permanent Imposed and other Actions
EN 1991-1-1 Actions on structures – Part 1-1:General actions – Densities self-weight imposed loads for buildings
AS 3959 :2009 Construction of buildings in Bushfire prone areas
ASTM D3273-00 Mould Resistance
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