• DekFloor substrate flooring

    DekFloor is an alternative to thick sheet, fibre cement sheet (portland cement based), timber, and particle board substrates.
    DekFloor is impervious to water making it an ideal step-down product in wet areas.
    DekFloor is extremely stable in all weather conditions and provides an excellent substrate for external decking areas.
    DekFloor exceeds the performance criteria of AS1170 and AS 1170.1 and is classified as a Grade A non-combustible product.

Non-Combustible Water-Resistant Mould and Mildew Resistant Termite Resistant Impact Resistant


South Australian Manufactured, Assembled and Supplied

ReGen Building Solutions supports the Industry Advocate’s SA Product Register initiative and we have a range of products that are Supplied, Assembled and Manufactured in South Australia.. We believe in the importance of having a South Australian supply chain.


Welcome to DekFloor, a new and innovative product from ReGen Building Solutions, a wholly Australian owned and operated business.
DekFloor is an innovative flooring substrate suitable for use in Class 1 – 10 building applications.
With a unique tongue and grooving joining system on all four edges, DekFloor provides a structural flooring substrate that can be applied to both timber and steel joists.

Easy to construct with tongue and groove option on 4 sides.
  • DekFloor is ideal for carpets, linoleum, and tiles.
  • A DekFloor is ideal for wet areas and external applications, such as balconies and verandas due to its moisture resistance.Hence it can be used as an alternative to traditional fibre cement sheeting products.
  • It is the ideal step-down when using XL-Floor in the main house application.
  • The DekFloor is water resistant, non-combustible, does not promote mould and mildew, therefore  is termite resistant.
  • It is hygroscopic allowing the building to breathe. Therefore, It allows water vapour to pass through so they never rot  hence they are mould and mildew resistant and contributes to healthy comfortable air quality.
  • DekFloor is manufactured with Sorel Cement which  requires only  20 – 40% of the energy required to manufacture Portland Cement boards leading to less embedded energy in the product.

Australian Made.

Portland Cement

“Portland Cement” based products constitute about 5 – 20% of anthropogenic global CO2 emissions or man-made carbon dioxide. whereas, SorelCement Boards reabsorb CO2 as they cure reducing the carbon footprint of a building. So it is an accepted fact that to the production of 1 tonne of Portland Cement creates approximately 1 tonne of CO2 emissions.

The cook-out process of making Sorel based cement is about half the temperature of Portland Cement. which, produces 50 – 80% less CO2 yet the cement matrix is up to 12 times stronger which reduces the number of cementitious materials used since one can effectively add organic substances to the mix without weakening the matrix. This is by far a more efficient process.

  •  The DekFloor does not off-gas VOC’s
  • DekFloor does not need priming agents to gain a superior bonding surface.

Manufactured in Australia DekFloor is the perfect substrate for class 1 – 10 building.

Floor layouts

Layout 1DekFloor Layout 2 DekFloor layout 3Dekfloor Layout 4


Compliance with Standards

DekFloor has been tested at Australian NATA laboratories therefore to ensure compliance with National Construction Codes building specifications.

  • A DekFloor has been tested in accordance with in-house method LOP-002 Asbestos Identification by Polarised Light Microscopy including Dispersion Staining (Based on AS4964-2004 Method hence for the qualitative identification of asbestos in bulk samples). DekFloor  thus contains no asbestos material.
  • AS/ISO 9239.1-2003 Reaction to Fire Tests for Floorings.So Determination of the Burning Behaviour using a Radiant Heat Source.Hence DekFloor was reported to have a 0 Critical Heat Re-flux and 0 Smoke value.
  • ASTM C518-2010 Steady-State Thermal Transmission Properties by Means of the Heat Flow Apparatus.
  • Measured Thermal Conductivity 0.1278 0.1271 W/m.K
  • Thermal Resistance 0.2 m²K/W
  • AS/NZS 2908.2 Testing of 20mm Laminated Megaboard for Bending Strength (MOR) & Deflection (MOE).


  • DekFloor is impervious to , termites,also mould and mildew.
  •  So DekFloor is easy and fast to install.
  • No pre-drilling required
  • Use normal carpentry tools
  • A Grade non-combustible in accordance with AS1350.2
  • Excellent tile backing board suitable with most tile adhesives
  • Meets or exceeds design limits as specified in AS 1170 and 1170.1
  • Water Resistant (does not distort with extended contact with water)
  • Available in 20mm and 24mm thickness

With a unique Tongue and Groove  jointing system on all edges the DekFloor is available in the following sizes and thicknesses.

DekFloor Board incuding sizes and weights

thickness width length weight
20 1200 2400 61kg
20 1200 2250 57kg

DekFloor has been test  with the following load calculations : –

DekFloor load calculations

Download a copy of the DekFloor Installation Guide here.

DekFloor Information & Installation Brochure

  • Australian Made
    Australian Made
  • magdek_n_lamdek_golgol
    Delivered to Site
  • Joists laid and boards prepared for use
    Joists laid and boards prepared for use
  • Boards are glued
  • Floor is quickly laid out
    Floor is quickly laid out
  • Floor is completed
    Floor is completed
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