Non-Combustible Water-Resistant Mould and Mildew Resistant Termite Resistant Impact Resistant



What is the main difference between DekFloor and Traditional Fibre Cement Sheeting?

Fibre Cement Sheeting is manufactured using Portland Cement whereas DekFloor is manufactured using Sorrel Cement otherwise known as Magnesia Cement. Sorrel Cement hs incredible compressive strength making it an excellent flooring substrate.


What is the weight differential of DekFloor versus Compressed Fibre Cement Sheet.

The weight of James Hardie compressed fibre cement sheet at 18mm x 2400 x 1200 is 91.76 kgs.

The weight of DekFloor 18mm x 2400 x 1200 is 54.7 kgs.

This weight differential provides significant handling and OHS advantages over its competitors.

What jointing system is used for DekFloor

One of the unique features of dekFloor is its tongue and groove on all four sides of the board. This feature increases the water proofing and ensures the boards when laid are flat without lipping.,.

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